Why Background Screening?

You can change your appearance not your background.

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Safe Screening provides access to an extensive portfolio of proven screening products and these can be configured in bespoke combinations to provide tailor made solutions built around the needs of each and every client.

Our Technology

Our cloud based technology and advanced application software streamlines and simplifies background screening. Checks can be completed quickly and cost-effectively, allowing resources to be focused elsewhere within an organisation.


We employ state-of-the-art banking grade encryption, industry leading database security and best practice processes and methodologies to ensure that candidate data can be safely collated, stored and retrieved.

Latest Case Study

Hydrogen Group

Hydrogen Group

“A new system that has transformed the quality and efficiency of our screening processes” Safe Screening is pleased to publish a short interview with Thomas Haines of the Hydrogen Group. A genuine step-change for our organisation “Before we contracted with Safe Screening, we didn’t have a defined system for screening our candidates, we would do what most companies do, and operate paper-based screening. After having such a positive experience with the new system,...

Blog Post

The Complete Screening Checklist

Our handy guide contains everything you need to know about screening candidates When up to ¾ of all job applications contain inaccurate information, it’s important to know who you could be hiring.   Our handy guide contains everything you need to know about screening candidates, including: • Why screening is now essential business practice • Insights into screening priorities within different market sectors • 10-Step Checklist to help you evaluate your complete recruiting practices and procedures...> MORE

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Other Safe Technology Platforms

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